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At Earth’s General Store we love being able to source a wider variety of apples that you don’t see in chain supermarkets. Variety is important to us as well as appreciating the texture, taste, history, the terroir, the labour standards, distance, relationship, etc of the food we offer at our store. Apples come in such variety. We think it is important to offer variety to our customers.

It has been a really wonderful summer this year but it has been very dry. Our trees are very thirsty. Trees are VERY important to the liveability, the ecological integrity and the beauty of our city. They are under stress

Al Fresco will bring 104th Street to vibrant life this coming Saturday (August 22nd, 2015) with a pancake breakfast, Farmer’s Market, Food Trucks, extended patios, a beer garden, fundraising and MUSIC.

Earth’s General Store will be vegan/vegetarian central being the only spot on the street to offer only vegan food. You can grab a vegan float, fruit kebab, our famous Spouted Green Lentil Hummus with veggies, and/or a couple of hot corn on the cob (Earth Balance butter). We will be extending our out door seating area/patio.