Some of our Favorite Places on the Web (always under construction/updating):


  • Sparrow Nest Organics - Graham Sparrow provides Edmontonians hungry for local and organically produced food. Wonderful vision and purpose in life.
  • Revojuicenary - local organic juice business. We carry their cold extracted organic juice at both of our locations.
  • The Urban Farmer - Ron Berezan is introducing permaculture concepts to the Edmonton and area citizens. He focuses on edible landscapes and what works for the Edmonton bio-region. He is working to balance our city focused and unbalanced life and offering connection to place, food, and life. Ron and his family moved to the Sunshine Coast in BC in the fall of 2010. A lost in our community but he helped to start a fire by inspiring several other people to take up permaculture in the Edmonton area - thank you Ron and Laura.
  • Edmonton Bicycle Commuters' Society - I don't think I can say enough good things about Edmonton Bicycle Commuters' Society and the wonderful people that has helped steered it course over the years: Brian Johnson, Karly Coleman, Doug Barrett, Stephen Talman, John Collier, Chris Chan, Anna Vesala, Alex Hindle, Atmo, and countless others.
  • Green Edmonton - How to live Green. HERE!
  • Solar Energy Society of Canada (SESCI) - Northern Alberta Chapter is a non-profit organisation that promotes renewable energy in Alberta. They conduct educational sessions throughout the year. Check their website for course information.

Places to Eat:

  • Veggie Garden - 10582 - 100 street. Great prices and good food.
  • Loma House Vegetarian Express 9142-23 Avenue - Good food at good value.
  • Padmanadi - 10740-101 Street, Edmonton, AB - great Indonesian vegan food, great warm embrace by Kasmin and his family, good deal for monthly buffet, I understand that the weekendend brunch (a couple of products made with Daiya cheese) are very good.
  • Langano Skies - 9920 82 Avenue, Edmonton, AB - good tasting food. Their monthly vegetarian buffet (90% is vegan) for $15 on the last Tuesday of the month) is very popular and a good deal.
  • Cafe Mosaics -  10844 82 Avenue, Edmonton, AB - an Edmonton standard. Some excellent vegetarian food.


Peace, Justice and Social Equaility:

  • White Peace Dove - poppy
  • - Peace Pledge Union. Producers of the White Peace Poppy.White poppies challenge the war-condoning values of traditional remembrance and related ceremonies
  •  - Edmonton Coalition Against War and Racism - local Edmonton group formed to organise opposition to the US led invasion of Iraq. They also are involved in security certificates, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict/resolution, and mobilizes quite quickly in opposition to any conflict outbreak. Kudos to Doug Meggison, Marilyn Gaa, and Peggy Morton for keeping this group alive.
  • - Project Ploughshares Edmonton - local group that is under the umbrella of the National Ploughshares organisation. Peace, social justice, anti-nuclear, armanents (specially small arms) are some of the core issues they work on.
  • - War is Illegal. Damn Right it is. When can we learn to resolve disagreements wihout all the killing and destruction?
  • - Amnesty International - social justice organisation. Edmonton has two groups.

Fair Trade and Organic:


Personal Care

Fun Stuff (with a message):

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