Earth's General Store is RAW FOOD Central in Edmonton

We hear it all the time – “you have the best selection of raw food products in Edmonton”. Yes we have packaged raw food items but we are probably the only store in Canada that offers refills for many of the raw foods.

We have raw food snack bars, chocolate bars, kale chips, lots of crackers, olives (in brine and dehydrated), cocao butter, cacao nibs (packaged and Bulk), cacao powder (packaged and Bulk), mulberries, mesquite (packaged and Bulk), spirulina (bulk), chlorella (bulk), lots of seeds for sprouts (packaged and Bulk), a great selection of coconut oil, coconut vinegar, coconut aminoes (packaged and Bulk), coconut sugar (packaged and Bulk), coconut nectar (packaged and Bulk), yacon syrup/nectar (bulk), and many more!

AND NEW today we added raw coconut meat, raw cocao butter, raw chickpea miso, and raw chocolate macaroons.

This section of the store is the fastest expanding section. We are always adding new appliances (juicers, spiralizers, dehydrators), raw products, more books and other accessories to help people transition to what has been acknowledged as the healthiest diet for human beings – the raw vegan diet. Even if you only incorporate a small percentage of raw food to your daily intake it will help you.

- Posted April 13th, 2012