Earth Day 2015

Over the past three years Earth's General Store hosted the Edmonton Earth Day festival in our parking lot. 

2015 marks the 25th Anniversary of Edmonton's Earth Day Festival and we have invited several of the key people that initiated the festival and the people that kept it going for many years. So come out and join us to thank these people. 

This year we are taking the event downtown (Michael Kalmanovitch, owner of Earth's General Store is now the festival coordinator). It is a rebuilding year for the festival and will start off small. EGS is covering the costs of permits, insurance, tent rentals, etc and we can't afford too much. Hopefully the stores do better for next year and we can invest in a larger festival.

The decision to move downtown was to introduce Edmonton Earth Day to the concentration of a large population in the downtown core.

Earth Day is annually on April 22nd but Edmonton traditionally hosts the festival the weekend after that (who wants to come out to a festival mid-week?). Our Festival will be on Sunday, April 26th, 2015 and start at noon. See our Facebook Page and sign up to get a reminder closer to the date. 

Milkweed Plants and Butterfly Food

We have all heard about the devastating effect that GMO pollution has caused on the butterfly population in many areas. The die off of the butterflies, especially the monarch butterfly, is related to the loss of their most important food source – the milkweed.

The best way to help the butterflies is to stop supporting the GMO industry. Unfortunately that industry is not going to die soon so the next best thing we can do is to plant habitat for the butterflies and other pollinators on our land.

Who has not enjoyed the sight of butterflies alighting on flowers and moving about their yard. Every child has squealed with joy at having a butterfly land on their shoulder, face or danced after one in a field? We instinctively recognize that they are beneficial and not harmful.

There are many plants that are noted as being very attractive to pollinators. Earth’s General Store continues to highlight these seeds in our seed selection. Of particular note are.milkweed seeds (Asclepias). These flowers offer one of the best food sources for pollinators – especially the monarch butterflies. Check out your local seed supplier and ask for some seeds or drop by Earth’s General Store.

Litter - Be the Change!

Such a small piece it won’t matter – right? Well all those little pieces not only add up to be an unsightly mess but they can end up killing people and animals Don’t discard litter – put it in its proper place.


Prevention is best. If you can avoid taking another plastic bag, another disposable container, more packaging than needed, another straw… then great. Don’t be part of the problem – be the solution. If you can’t avoid getting some kind of packaging ensure that it is properly disposed of.

Recently the media has been highlighting the amount of plastic in the oceans. It is not just the garbage that washes up on the shores of the world’s landmass it is microscopic pieces floating around in the oceans and being consumed by aquatic life. That plastic bag that flew out of your car when you were loading it with your groceries may end up in the oceans. Not all littering is intentional. Check out this video clip from Midway Island.

Give your energy bill the finger!

Be the Change - Give your energy bill the finger!

Flip the light switch off when you are not going to use the light in that space. You can have the most energy efficient bulb in your fixture but if we leave them on when not needed we are wasting resources, creating pollution, and wasting money.

In our house an unspoken rule is to only have one more light on than there are people in the house. Turning off lights and electrical items doesn’t cost you any money. It is just a slight change in your behavior/habits that will make a positive effect in the world.

Use the power of your finger to be power smart.

-          Posted April 4th, 2015

Earth's General Store Downtown

Our downtown store is located at 10150 - 104th Street in Edmonton's core.

We offer the largest selection of organic foods in the downtown area as well as freshly prepared foods from our in-house Organic Cafe. 

Get Growing Day 2015 - Third Annual

Honouring Mother Earth the Organic Way

On Sunday, May 10th, 2015 at 12 noon people will be gathering to participate in the third annual Get Growing Day where people can purchase directly from local organic growers, learn about organic gardening from experienced gardeners, purchase seeds, fertilizers, soil minerals, and books – all the sources needed to grow organically.

Who will be doing what:

Commuter Challenge!

Between May 31st and June 6th Earth’s General Store will encourage everyone that works at the store to commute to work in a greener manner as part of the national Commuter Challenge. This will be quite tough for us since I believe only 5 or so cars are owned by the staff and the rest walks, bicycles, and/or busses to work.

We challenge our customers to green their commute to work/school as well as to our store. Schools, businesses, organisations, and individuals can register at the Commuter Challenge website.


Let’s get Green Edmonton!

- Posted April 2nd, 2015 


Banana Price Increase - First Increase in 5 years

After 5 years of not changing our price for our Certified Organic and Fair trade certified bananas we will be increasing our prices this coming Wednesday.

We had the banana price at 95 and 99 cents for a very long time. Recently our banana supplier has had to increase their price so now we are going to increase ours to $1.25 per pound

Here is a story from the Discovery Organics Website about the coop (Cerro Azul) that supplies their bananas and eventually end up in your househols. 

I genuinely appreciate that people choose to supprt Fair Trade and organic principals, how their food is produced, and how the workers are treated.

So if you want to save a bit on your banana purchase - do it before Wednesday :) 

- Posted February 27th, 2015

Employment Opportunity - Produce Manager

Be Part of Something Good, Come and Work with Earth’s General Store

We are an independent and locally owned community grocery store with a wide selection of Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic items. We offer the community information and products that support good health and reduce our individual and collective ecological impact on the planet.

If you are interested in being part of a healthy and positive work environment where you can connect with good people doing good actions with a strong emphasis on community values then consider coming to work with us at Edmonton's greener grocer.

We are currently looking for a Full-Time Produce Manager (WHYTE Avenue)

New Book Titles - Smoothies, Juicing, Cleansing and Vegan

Just got a great shipment of new book titles into the store.