Whole Bunch of NEW Items at Earth's General Store this Week

Whew – whole bunch of great new items!

Just before I leave for a trip to Central America I have added lots of new items to our store inventory.

  • Love Bean Fudge Cream Raw Organic
  • Growing Naturals Yellow Pea Protein Raw, Gluten-Free, Vegan and non-GMO
  • Ojio Holy Basil in BULK
  • Ojio Green Coffee Bean Extract in BULK and package
  • Agave Powder Raw and Organic
  • Echinacea Purpurea Root (Cut) in BULK
  • Elder Berry (Whole) in BULK
  • Elder Flower (Cut) in BULK
  • Tomato Powder (Not Organic) in BULK
  • Raw & Organic Cacao Butter in Bulk (now back in stock)
  • HealthForce Nutritional – Vitamineral Green, Chlorella Manna, Elixir of the Lake all arriving the week of February 4th
  • Kombucha Ceramic Fermentation Keg
  • Kombucha Fermentation Heating Pad/Panel (maintains the kombucha at the optimum temperature)
  • Gold Top Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Protein (the green powder stuff)
  • Teas, Teas, Teas – Long Island Strawberry, Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival, Pai Mu Tan, Tanzania estate, Organic Roman Provence (flavoured Rooibos), Organic Ti Kuan,  Organic Yin Slimming Oolong, Organic Sencha Akaike Japanese Green, Organic Silver Swallow White, Wuyi Rock Oolong, Blueberry Bang 
  • Burdock and Milk thistle (whole) in BULK

Hope you enjoy these new items.

- Posted February 1st, 2013