At Earth's General Store we offer visitors information and products that will help them reduce their ecological and social impact on the planet and all inhabitants. We are a distributor of information and knowledge, encouraging people to consume less, consume wisely, consume locally, consume fairly and love lots more! We do this by offering items that have beneficial advantages - local, certified organic, Fair Trade Certified, in bulk (less packaging), water and energy efficiency products, information, and support to act! We are attempting to offer a way of life that is balanced and respectful of the planet and all its creatures. I know this sounds a little wishy washy but I believe that is our ultimate goal in life - do as little harm as possible and leave the world better than when we arrived. One of the intimate ways that we interact with the environment is through the food we eat. We have the power to choose food that has less impact on the environment, society and other beings. We can eat less meat, choose food that is grown locally and organically and to buy in bulk. In February 2010 Earth’s General Store moved and expand our inventory to include food products. We now offer fresh, packaged, chilled and frozen organic products. We are a real Health Food Store - offering healthy food for your body, your spirit and the planet. We continue to carry the products that we have offered the citizens of Edmonton since 1991 like worms for composting, cloth diapers for the green parents, animal free personal care products, and reusable menstrual products. We have the most experience of any store or organization in Edmonton on green lifestyle. If you want to help make the world a better place Earth’s General Store may be of great assistance to help you along the path.

reCAP (TM) Mason Jar Flip Lids

Over a year ago we brought in some of these wonderful (though I believe overly expensive) item after receiving several requests. Once I saw them I realized they would work quite well for many of our bulk items. We just used these internally and didn’t retail them.

I have now brought the reCap storage lids in as retail inventory (some will be used for our own displays). We have them in pink, silver and black and stock that fits both regular and wide mouth sized Mason Jars.

Green Acts Reward Groups for December 2013 and January 2014

As most of our customers know we reward them for making green choices (bring their own bags, refill containers, bicycle/walk/bus etc) by giving them tokens that they can use to donate to a variety of organisations working to improve the world. It is just so wonderful that there are so many people working on this issue that it gives me hope.

Last reward period we supported the following organisation/project (I will make a post regarding the amount of donation being made to these organisations when I have counted the tokens and calculated the funds):

The Malala Fund

2013 Holiday Hours for Earths General Store

The holidays are a stress for the majority of people. There are more social engagements, more shopping to be done, more time cooking/wrapping/snuggling/playing, and Earth’s General Store wants to help reduce this stress for our friends and customers by extending our store hours for this season.

Hope it helps :)

Sorry I made a mistake on the closing time for December 30th - it should say 8pm. 

Christmas Hours 2013

Christmas/Seasonal Hours 2013:

Below are the changes in store hours for this holiday season (extended hours start on Saturday, December 21st):

Perfect Pickler(TM) Now Available at Earth's General Store

Earth’s General Store has lead the way to reintroducing fermentation to our local community with workshops, crocks, organic cabbage and a large selection of books.Perfect Pickler Kit

Today we have added another tool so that people can make their own fermented foods right in their own home… the PerfectPickler (TM).

 Perfect Pickler

You can watch this  short video on how easy it is to make your own fermented foods using this simple kit. We are offering the kit for $21.50 and it comes with the wide mouth lid, fermentation gas trap/lock, gasket and o-ring, overflow cup, recipe/instruction booklet, and some Celtic Sea Salt. Earth’s General Store Celtic carries sea salt and Pink Himalayan sea salt in bulk for great prices.

New Books at Edmonton's Favourite Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Food Book Source

Today we received some new titles (more new titles coming next week):

  • Soup’s On! More than 100 Quick and Easy Recipes
  • Vegetarian Tagines and Couscous: 65 Delicious Recipes
  • Year-Round Vegetable Gardener
  • 4-Ingredient Vegan Easy, Quick and Delicious Recipes
  • 500 Greatest Ever Vegetarian Recipes

So many people are incorporating more plant based meals into their lives. It is really good to see. The book industry is responding to this shift and we are seeing an incredible number of books being issued.

Earth’s General Store is very proud to have the largest selection of Raw, Vegetarian, and Vegan recipe books in Canada. Please consider shopping locally rather than sending your money out of our city.

- Posted December 13th, 2013

Genetically Engineered Food Canadian Tour - my thoughts

What an informative evening we all had last evening (December 10th, 2013). Though the free event was ‘sold out’ via the EventBrite page there were about 40 people that came to see if they could get in regardless. Fortunately for them several people did not show up and everyone could be accommodated.


Big shout out to the Parkland Institute to arrange the space at the University of Alberta for the group (Albertans for Food Safety) that arranged the speaking tour stop in Edmonton. Thank you to Albertans for Food Safety – you know who you are (Danna, Brandi, et al) – for the work you do on this issue.

Kelp Noodles by Sea Tangle

Earth’s General Store introduced the Kelp Noodles by Sea Tangle several years ago to Edmonton’s retail scene and they remain a very popular item for people looking to reduce their consumption of overly processed foods and a good source of nutrients found in sea vegetables like kelp.

Barry made a great display of our kelp noodles, green tea kelp noodles, and mixed sea vegetables (all from Sea Tangle). Looking good Barry!

Kelp Noodle Display 

Just What Are the Little Stickers on Fruit and Vegetables Trying to Tell Us?

As many people are aware – fruits and vegetables that you buy from grocery stores (like Earth’s General Store) have little plastic stickers on them. These stickers carry information on them – mostly to help store staff identify and correctly price these items.

The numbering system is controlled by the International Federation of Produce Standards. This is the organisation that create and control the 4 digit base code for produce.  This four digit code is called a Price Lookup Code or PLU for short. This four digit code can provide information to the retailer to let them know the difference between a field and a hot house tomato. The little sticker can also have added information on it like which country it comes from. And there is more…

For example, all banana (the usual Cavendish that we see on our shelves) have a base four digit code of 4011. This identifies the item as this type of banana to differentiate it from the other dozen or so varieties. More important to Earth’s General Store and our customers is that the Federation also added a fifth digit to items that are grown in accordance to certified organic practices.

December 5, 2013 - World Soil Day.

World Soil Day

Today is World Soil Day.

Soil – an incredibly thin skin on some parts of the world. Soil is where we grow the vast majority of our food, where our trees grow to build our houses, where our children play on the grass, where nature brings forth a plethora of plants and our senses can appreciate as ‘beautiful’ (not for our sake but we get beauty as one of the benefits), and where a large portion of carbon is sequestered.

Except for a very small portion of my diet that comes from the ocean (seaweed) all my food comes from the soil.

Thank you soil for nourishing my body with good food. In return I will do what I can to honour your gift and to show respect for you when I garden.

Organic Lives Suspends Business

Our supplier, Organic Lives, has suspended business. Organic lives supplied us with the only Certified Organic young Thai coconut water that was unpasteurized (that I know of), coconut meat, chickpea miso, and dehydrated olives. Their quality was exceptional and it creates a void in the products that Earth’s General Store can offer our customers.

I am working to try and source these products from different sources but that can take some time.

I am hoping that in 2014 they will reemerge to offer their products again but we can’t count on this happening.

You can get a brief explanation of what is happening for them at their website


- Posted December 1st, 2013