At Earth's General Store we offer visitors information and products that will help them reduce their ecological and social impact on the planet and all inhabitants. We are a distributor of information and knowledge, encouraging people to consume less, consume wisely, consume locally, consume fairly and love lots more! We do this by offering items that have beneficial advantages - local, certified organic, Fair Trade Certified, in bulk (less packaging), water and energy efficiency products, information, and support to act! We are attempting to offer a way of life that is balanced and respectful of the planet and all its creatures. I know this sounds a little wishy washy but I believe that is our ultimate goal in life - do as little harm as possible and leave the world better than when we arrived. One of the intimate ways that we interact with the environment is through the food we eat. We have the power to choose food that has less impact on the environment, society and other beings. We can eat less meat, choose food that is grown locally and organically and to buy in bulk. In February 2010 Earth’s General Store moved and expand our inventory to include food products. We now offer fresh, packaged, chilled and frozen organic products. We are a real Health Food Store - offering healthy food for your body, your spirit and the planet. We continue to carry the products that we have offered the citizens of Edmonton since 1991 like worms for composting, animal free personal care products, and reusable menstrual products. We have the most experience of any store or organization in Edmonton on green lifestyle. If you want to help make the world a better place Earth’s General Store may be of great assistance to help you along the path.

"Certified Organic" and GMOs - an Answer to a Question from a Customer.

A woman was in the store last week and had just come over here from Planet Organic where she had asked the question of two of their staff. Do your products contain GMOs? One person told her that if it contained corn from the USA it had GMO even if it was labelled organic. The other person said that if it were labelled organic or NON-GMO Project Verified it does not have GMO ingredients. She was confused with their answer and came over to ask me. I think she was pleased with the thoroughness of my answer.

I live in an information bubble and assume everyone that comes into the store knows certain things… like what is ‘Certified Organic”.

Health and Wellness Consultant at Earth's General Store

Barry Health and Wellness

Earth's General Store's Health and Wellness consultant, Barry Knight, will be available Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12-4pm. Barry has extensive knowledge and training in areas such as wholefoods supplements, sports nutrition, raw foods, and sprouting. Should you be looking for excellent customer service in these and other related areas, we welcome to you to come by and ask for him.

You can also find Barry in the EGS Produce area on Fridays and Saturdays, so feel free to seek him out then as well. 

- Posted October 25th, 2013

Dried White Mulberries Available at Earth's General Store

Today we received several calls about dried white mulberries. This is unusual for this product. When one of the staff asked a caller why the interest they said they saw it on Dr Oz.

Yes we do carry dried white mulberry. We carry the packaged product and we even carry this in bulk at $36.00 per kilogram.

Save money, save packaging, and save landfill space.

- Posted October 1st, 2013

Ecocide - Why we need a International Law

Ecocide is the extensive damage to, destruction of or loss of ecosystem(s) of a given territory, whether by human agency or by other causes, to such an extent that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants of that territory has been or will be severely diminished. [from]

Before I started the store I came to the conclusion that too many organizations were focused on their own territory – what we would call departmentalism in government and large organizations. They didn’t include the larger picture – it is all connected/related and if we do things piece meal then we will not succeed in the time frame needed. The Ecocide Law would address the shortcomings of the present laws.

It complements the Bolivian “Law of the Rights of Mother Earth” which is a planet focused law and is being considered by the United Nations as a concept to be included in their policies.

The idea of creating a law that would provide severe penalties to people, governments and corporations goes to the core – if you harm that which we all depend on to survive, flourish, love and play then you will be tried for your actions.

True Ceylon Organic Cinnamon at Earth's General Store

True Ceylon Cinnamon a really popular product and I assume it is difficult to find since quite a few people are finding their way to the store to find this scarce health product.

They are caution about whether the cinnamon we carried was true cinnamon from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) when they first contact us since the majority of cinnamon out there is not true cinnamon. True Ceylon cinnamon is also called Mexican Cinnamon because this is the only cinnamon they use in their cuisine.

People are concerned with the coumarin oil content in the cinnamon originating from other south-eastern Asian countries.There is concern in some academic circles that coumarin oil can adversely effect the liver and is recognized as a blood-thinner. Cassia has over 1250 times the amount of coumarin in it than Ceylon cinnamon.

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in Organic Food?

People often ask me whether certified organic food has GMOs and I say – “no”. This is a qualified" “no” insofar that the grower starts with land that has not had any synthetic fertilizer or pesticides on them for a minimum of three years, the soil has been enriched with organic matter (compost), had the soil tested and their records reviewed by a certification board, and the seeds they placed into the soil were seeds that were not genetically modified/genetically engineered. BUT that does not mean that after going through this whole process that the crop is then not contaminated by seeds dispersed into their fields by birds/animals or the pollen blown into their fields.

The grower did not start off with the intention of having GMOs in their product and I don’t think they should be tarred with the same brush of a crop that is grown on land that has used synthetic herbicides/pesticides and planted with GMO seeds.

New Book Titles at Earth's General Store - Raw Food, Permaculture, Vegan, Fermenting

I always try and get new books on the subjects that matter to me. Books about adding skills to ones life, eating healthier, treading lighter on the planet, permaculture, agroecology, alternative building, fermentation, food preservation, veganism/vegetarianism/plant-based diet covers most of the types of books we carry.

Today we got in (some of the titles we had before but they had been out of stock for some time so I have listed them again):

Coconut Aminos Available at Earth's General Store in Package and BULK!

Several people have come into the store lately saying that they haven’t been able to find Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos at their usual store and were surprised when they saw that we had plenty of the product.

Earth’s General Store was the first store to bring in these products into Edmonton and continue to be a main supplier for them.

What people sometimes don’t realize is that this is one of the products that we offer to people in bulk refill. That is right – bring in your bottles (it doesn’t have to be a coconut aminos bottle – anything will do). This way you save a bottle from the landfill/waste stream/recycling stream and you save significant money (about 40% less than buying a new bottle).

Refill – Don’t Landfill!

- Posted August 13th, 2013


New Products at Earth's General Store

It has been a long long time since I have written a blog about all the new items we have at the store so this is going to be a long long list.

Earth’s General Store wasn’t designed by professionals (you can tell), we didn’t hire a marketing consultant to tell us what to put into the store according to the profile of other similar stores and what is trending, and it certainly did not start with a lot of money to buy lots of equipment and inventory. We are an organic store in many senses of the word we carry organic food, we are supporters for the organic supply change, we grew out of the passion to create a positive change in our world, we do minimal advertising and so our promotion is done organically – through relationships (thank you), and we live organic lifestyles. We evolve organically over time – always changing things, adding new products, getting rid of products that don’t fit in with our philosophy, and to respond to healthy suggestions from our friends and customers (thank you).