At Earth's General Store we offer visitors information and products that will help them reduce their ecological and social impact on the planet and all inhabitants. We are a distributor of information and knowledge, encouraging people to consume less, consume wisely, consume locally, consume fairly and love lots more! We do this by offering items that have beneficial advantages - local, certified organic, Fair Trade Certified, in bulk (less packaging), water and energy efficiency products, information, and support to act! We are attempting to offer a way of life that is balanced and respectful of the planet and all its creatures. I know this sounds a little wishy washy but I believe that is our ultimate goal in life - do as little harm as possible and leave the world better than when we arrived. One of the intimate ways that we interact with the environment is through the food we eat. We have the power to choose food that has less impact on the environment, society and other beings. We can eat less meat, choose food that is grown locally and organically and to buy in bulk. In February 2010 Earth’s General Store moved and expand our inventory to include food products. We now offer fresh, packaged, chilled and frozen organic products. We are a real Health Food Store - offering healthy food for your body, your spirit and the planet. We continue to carry the products that we have offered the citizens of Edmonton since 1991 like worms for composting, animal free personal care products, and reusable menstrual products. We have the most experience of any store or organization in Edmonton on green lifestyle. If you want to help make the world a better place Earth’s General Store may be of great assistance to help you along the path.

VUE Weekly Golden Fork Awards 2013 "Best Grocery Market" and the First Place Winners are Earths General Store and Bl

Well thank you for your support over the years and thank you everyone who voted for us.

Last year we placed well in two categories and this year – we tied for first place for Best Grocery Market in Edmonton. Thank you. It is quite the honour.

- Posted May 9th, 2013

Earth's General Store Endorses Statement Opposing GMO Alfalfa (and all GMO Products)

On April 9th there will be several actions taking place across Canada opposing the possible approval of GMO Alfalfa to be sold to farmers in Canada. Earth’s General Store, and my self personally, are opposed to GMO technology and the resulting pollution it is causing.

I encourage everyone to join me on April 9th at the local event – see this Facebook page – and to write to your MP to express your concerns and opposition to GMO and in particularly GMO Alfalfa. You can also drop by the store and sign the petition here (over by the check out counter).

Here is the statement that I signed onto at the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network site:

We invite all organizations, producer associations, companies and community groups to endorse the "No to GM Alfalfa" campaign by signing on to the following statement (Your group’s name will be used in a list of groups that state opposition to GM Alfalfa):

THANK YOU! 3,000 Likes on Facebook is Quite a Milestone for Earth's General Store

Yesterday we reached 3,000 Likes on our Facebook Page. Thank you everyone that helped us achieve this milestone. I feel flattered that such a small company as ours has some many people that think we are special and have in turned ‘Liked’ us on Facebook and come to the store to financially support us.

So here is a shout out to all of you that have liked us, those that choose to support us, and those that may decide to do one or both of those choices.

Take care and thank you!

Michael and all the staff!

- Posted March 30th, 2013

Food Waste and Some Unique Strategies to Reduce Our Contribution at Earths General Store

Food is grown to nourish our bodies. A lot of labour, energy and financial resources went into getting it to our bodies. Along the way quite a bit of waste was generated (some estimate this to be as high as 40%) but we as the end consumer actually waste the largest percentage – almost 50% of this wastage. This wastage is disrespectful to the growers, the energy that went into growing and producing the food, and to the environment.

The food industry works to provide us with food for our bodies. The farmers plant the seeds, pickers pick the fruit, the machines harvest, transport companies move these products about the world. We are honour bound to respect this chain and the resources that went to produce this food for us by using it for what it was intended – to nourish our bodies.

It is estimated that in conventional about 3 - 10 calories of energy (fossil fuels, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, etc) is used to create 1 calorie of food energy. Not a very sustainable system. Food production is very resource intensive and therefore has the corresponding level of environmental footprint.

Whole Bunch of NEW Items at Earth's General Store this Week

Whew – whole bunch of great new items!

Just before I leave for a trip to Central America I have added lots of new items to our store inventory.

Cuppow Mason Jar Drinking Lids Now at Earth's General Store


Almost a year ago someone mentioned a product they saw in the USA called Cuppow and suggested I carry it in the store. I got hold of the manufacturer in the USA and got the product information and pricing. The store started to slow done and and decided to hold off on adding this to the store’s offering.

A former staff person returned to fill in while another staff went home to Cuba for a winter vacation and she had one. I was inspired to look into this product again and I am pleased to say that Earth’s General Store now carries Cuppow lids.

What are Cuppows? Well they are a smart little device that allows you to turn your mason jar into a drinking jar with a lid! Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words so check out this video.


Kombucha Kits now Available at Earth's General Store

Check out my latest blog posting regarding kombucha (from Edmonton's Healthiest Store - Earth's General Store!)

A local maker (Rob Cooper) of kombucha and I have arranged to make available kits that he has assembled  at Earth’s General Store so that people can start growing their own kombucha in their home.kombucha

Rob has been making kombucha for Noorish Cafe.  Earlier this month Rob facilitated a sold out kombucha workshop at our store.

The kits come with a culture (Scoby) in a mason jar and an accompanying paper bag that contains three tea samples for flavourings, link to his online instructions  for care, maintenance and use, and a reusable cotton tea bag for brewing.

Of course we also offer lots of flavouring ingredients for you to choose from – a wide selection of Fair Trade and/or Organic teas like: Berry Berry, Rooibos Maple, Rooibos Peach, Blueberry, Raspberry and more.

Who Owns Who?

Not all food is on a level playing field. Not all organic is equal. Where does it come from? Are the workers treated equably? Who owns the company manufacturing the food? Below is a classic poster about the organic/natural food industry. Most of the companies that manufacture ‘junk’ or confectionaries have purchased ‘organic or natural’ food companies to diversify and to wedge themselves into this expanding market.

Water Kefir Kits now available at Earth's General Store

Check out the latest information about water and Milk Kefir kits available at Earth's General Store in Edmonton. See my blog

Over the years many people have asked us for kefir grains to make their own probiotic drinks. Well now I am very pleased to announce that Earth’s General Store is the first store in Edmonton to retail this beneficial product.

Last weekend we hosted a very successful fermentation workshop and during the workshop we launched the kefir product.

Many people are hungry, or should I say thirsty, for this product and I am happy to now make it available to people.

The Kefir kits consist of a mason jar with kefir grains accompanied by a paper bag with a plastic wide mouth funnel, instructions, a YouTube link, and a filtering bag.

These kits are grown and put together by a person right here in Edmonton.

Kefir consumption is recommended by several well known health advocates including Body Ecology.